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The final Doctor Who material starring David Tennant. This collection contains five specials that aired in 2009. The Christmas special set in 1851, with the Doctor finding out there’s another supposed Doctor running around. He knows a little too much about the real Doctor for this to be mere coincidence. Turns out to be another Cyberman story, and not a great one, but there’s a lot of fun to be had here.

“Planet of the Dead” is another lighthearted excursion, with the Doctor, a jewel thief, and some passengers finding themselves with no where to go on an alien planet. There are some inhospitable creatures, naturally. Nice supporting work from Michelle Ryan as the thief who assists the Doctor.

“Water of Mars” is a my favorite of the five specials. With a bunch of astronauts, the Doctor is on Mars and discovers an organism in a liquid that may or may not be water. Turns out this story carries a little more emotional weight, exploring the idea of the Doctor changing history in a way we haven’t really seen in the “reboot” era of Doctor Who.

Lastly, there’s a two-parter called “End of Time.” The Master (John Simm) is back, an archnemesis of the Doctor. Also back are Martha and Mickey, as well as brief cameos from familiar past characters Captain Jack (John Barrowman), Donna, Jackie, Sara Jane, and Rose. It’s all a way to wrap up Tennant’s run on the show in order to make way for Matt Smith in Series 5.

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