So I took a chance on the Miley Cyrus box office dud, LOL, and – lo and behold – it wasn’t unwatchable. That’s not to say I particularly enjoyed it, but the mother-and-daughter drama between Cyrus and Demi Moore, who played her mother Anne, provides a little weight to all the high school puppy love shenanigans. Those looking for a light, fluffy romp take note – this isn’t a comedy. There’s a few attempts at humor (I don’t mean to be snarky, it’s just that most of those attempts fall flat), but for the most part this a coming of age drama.

I reviewed this over at The Morton Report and you can see my complete review here. But here is a short excerpt to give you a better idea what I thought about it…

LOL [is] writer-director Lisa Azuelos’ remake of her own 2008 French hit, LOL (Laughing Out Loud)… The back-and-forth bickering between Lola and Anne is really the heart of the movie, and their love and concern for each other comes through more strongly than any other element in the film. Moore delivers a standout performance…

Lola’s boy troubles involve Chad (George Finn), her boyfriend who has cheated on her, and Kyle (Douglas Booth), a musician working towards competing in a local battle of the bands… The lack of a compelling plot or likable characters (for the most part) is the reason LOL fails to ignite…”

The Blu-ray special features include a surprisingly entertaining commentary track by the film’s director  and two of the supporting actresses, Ashley Hinshaw and Lina Esco. It’s pretty candid and worth a listen. Other than that the Blu-ray, which has adequate audio/visual presentation (Kyle’s band’s performance scenes are the most satisfying aspect of the DTS-HD 5.1 mix), has only a few promo-based featurettes. LOL is primarily for Miley Cyrus and/or Demi Moore fans.

Again, my lengthier discussion of the film can be read at The Morton Report.
Chaz Lipp

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