Just a couple new clips from The Expendables 2 – which opens August 17, 2012. Gotta love that ‘Last Supper’ parody poster…

Action fans are buzzing about the relative quality of the CGI in the above clip. What do you think? Personally, I’m withholding any judgement until seeing this on the big screen. I’m stoked for this movie first and foremost for the cast. Secondly, I hope the storytelling is sound. It’s nice to have great special effects, but that aspect is honestly nowhere near the highest point on my priorities list.

We’ve seen the “My shoe is bigger than this car” gag in all the trailers, but still it’s pretty cool to see Schwarzenegger and Willis together – and doing something, instead of just talking for a few minutes like in the first Expendables (not that that wasn’t a fun scene, too). Can’t wait for August 17 to see this one!

Chaz Lipp

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