Simon West is riding high with the current number one film in the U.S., The Expendables 2. It’s his first number one debut since When a Stranger Calls in 2006. Fans of the action director will be glad to know the wait for West’s next film is very short – as in, less than a month. September 14, 2012 will see the release of Stolen, which brings West and Nicolas Cage together for the first time since West’s blockbuster debut Con Air in 1997. Stolen co-stars Malin Ackerman (Rock of Ages) and 16-year-old Sami Gayle (Detachment).

Plot summary from the press notes: “The story follows Will Montgomery (Cage), a master thief who has been sent to prison for eight years after being double-crossed in a heist gone awry.  Upon his release, he’s ready to leave his criminal past behind and rebuild his relationship with estranged daughter, Alison Loeb (Gayle).

Montgomery’s former criminal cohorts and FBI agent Tim Harlend (Danny Huston), are all convinced that the loot, totaling $10 million dollars worth of bonds, was hidden away by Montgomery before he was sentenced. In order to get his hands on it, former partner in crime, Vincent (Josh Lucas), kidnaps Alison and demands the loot as ransom; keeping her in a soundproofed trunk of a taxi cab on Mardi Gras day where she is nearly impossible to be discovered.

Montgomery has only one day to deliver the $10 Million ransom, but much to the disbelief of both Vincent and the FBI, he does not actually have it. 

Montgomery is left with only one choice: To trust his instincts and join forces again with another old partner in crime, the beautiful, sexy and smart Riley Jeffers (Akerman).  Together they must pull off one more heist so he can get his daughter back… before its too late.”

Director Simon West was quoted in the press release as saying, “This film is technically a heist movie, actually a relationship movie, and it’s really about the characters and how they interact: Even though it’s got all the pyrotechnics and the roller coaster ride of an action movie.”
Nicolas Cage stated, “I would say yes to Simon West on almost anything because I feel one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with, and I had a great experience working with him on Con Air.”
Stolen opens September 14, 2012.
Chaz Lipp

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