By Chaz Lipp

Head over to The Morton Report for my complete review of Young Justice – Dangerous Secrets. The two-DVD set completes Warner Home Video’s release of the first season of the Cartoon Network series. The first 12 episodes were split over three single-disc DVD releases. Dangerous Secrets contains the final 14 episodes. All of these releases can be purchased over at WB Shop.

Here’s an excerpt of what I had to say about the series on The Morton Report: “It’s the sure-handed, sophisticated storytelling that has made Young Justice almost as popular with adults as with kids. A substantial following has developed around the series, currently in the midst of its second season on the Cartoon Network. Created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, the series focuses on a younger version of the older, more firmly established Justice League. Batman oversees and doles out missions to the young team, just one of many adult Justice League members who appear throughout in supporting roles (Superman is the other heavy hitter among them).”

Young Justice was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation. Not only is the animation great, the voice acting is excellent as well. Khary Payton voices Kaldur ‘Ahm, better known as Aqualad, with the mature authority needed of a team leader. Teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney voices Dick Grayson (Robin), bringing a suitable boyish gee-whiz to the character. Veteran video game and anime voice actor Jason Spisak handles the cocky Wally West (Kid Flash). Spisak is great in a Kid Flash spotlight episode, “Coldhearted,” as I point out on The Morton Report, “in which there’s more than meets the eye to Kid Flash’s assignment of delivering a donor heart to a patient in need of a transplant.”

Another longtime video game voice – as well as numerous animation and live action roles – Nolan North is perfect in his work as the conflicted, troubled Conner Kent (Superboy). Math scholar Danica McKellar is M’gann M’orzz (Miss Martian). Stephanie Lemelin handles the team’s archer, Artemis Crock. And those are just the primary Young Justice team members. Alan Tudyk (Firefly) is effective as Justic League member Green Arrow, as is Bruce Greenwood as Batman.
Chaz Lipp

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