The Walking Dead season 3 premiere is only a week away!

Like last season AMC has produced a series of Walking Dead webisodes. The webisodes don’t directly tie into the events of the show, but show other survivors.

The webisodes are a cool way to show what else is going on outside the group we see during the regular show, though there are a few indirect ties.

“Cold Storage” centers on Chase (Josh Stewart) an Atlanta survivor who wanders into a storage facility only to find he is not the only survivor there.

He soon meets B.J. (Daniel Roebuck), who definitely a shady kind of guy. Chase just wants to get a truck so he can head up to Cynthiana, Kentucky (the hometown of the Grimes family and Shane Walsh), so he can find his sister. The storage facility, it turns out, has a unit that was used by Rick – though I’m not really sure why he would have stored stuff there – but that’s beside the point.

“Cold Storage” shows the depths people can sink to when they are not living by any rules. The production value on these were much higher than the previous webisodes for season 2. It looked much more like the show than those did. The webisodes are directed by co-executive producer (and special effects wizard) Greg Nicotero.

I think it would be cool if the webisodes could expand outside the Atlanta area at some point. Maybe we could see what’s going on in a different part of the country – or the world.

All four webisodes are available at

Season 3 of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday October 14th. Check back here for our episode reviews once the season is underway!
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