by Sherry Lipp

Sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in interpreting what every little thing in Once Upon a Time means, it’s also easy to forget to sit back and enjoy the story. This week’s episode, “Tiny,” was an “enjoy the story” kind of episode. It brought back the character of the giant (Jorge Garcia), who was briefly introduced earlier this season. In the past I have thought the show introduced too many new characters while neglecting some of their regulars, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the giant was integrated into the grand scheme of things in this episode. We also got to see Mr. Gold’s introduction to the real world, which brought some rather amusing (at times tension-filled) moments.

This week offered a twist on the classic Jack and the Beanstalk tale. The surprise is Jack (Cassidy Freeman) is a girl and the giants are noble and kind – unless they are wronged. Anton (Garcia), known to his family as “Tiny,” is the runt of his family. He lives in the land of giants, but is fascinated by the humans in the land beneath the clouds. After some merciless teasing from his brothers, Tiny slips down the beanstalk to see how the other half lives. There he befriends Charming’s (Josh Dallas) identical twin brother James (remember him from the first season?) and James’ girlfriend, Jack. Of course the conniving James doesn’t really want to be friends. He wants to steal the magic beans from the land of the giants.

Tiny is a kind soul, misunderstood by everyone around him. I thought they did a good job of portraying Tiny’s hurt over James’ betrayal. So how does this tie in with Storybrooke? Because of his encounter with James, Tiny has vowed vengeance on all humans. Knowing this Cora (Barbara Hershey) has shrunken him down to human size and brought him along with her and Captain Hook (Colin O’Donaghue) on the Jolly Roger. Tiny, it seems, may have the means of getting everyone back to Fairytale Land. One little element they keep hinting about is that Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) doesn’t necessarily want to go home. I like that aspect. Not only does it add more conflict, I prefer the Storybrooke storylines. I’m not anxious for Fairytale Land to take on a more prominent role.

In the meantime, Belle (Emilie de Ravin) is still suffering amnesia. She spends her time in the hospital trying to grasp the idea of Mr. Gold’s (Robert Carlyle) magic healing of her wound. I’m not sure why but the other townsfolk are unwilling to speak to her about what really happened. I would think they would want to tell her the magic was real, but apparently everyone thinks it would be too much for her. Instead they keep her sedated when she starts to question things. To be honest, that part of it doesn’t make a lot of to me. It’s not like she’s in a regular hospital, she is still in Storybrooke. I suspect it suits the story better because it seems like she might strike up a friendship with the mysterious man who drove into town.

Her predicament makes me wonder about Sneezy (Gabe Khouth), who stepped over the line and lost his memory. Is he having as difficult a time as her? It has bothered me that they have never gone back to him. Because Belle pretty much hates Mr. Gold, he has been left with no choice but to leave her and continue the search for his son. He takes Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Henry (Jared Gilmore) and heads to the airport to hop a plane to New York. There we get some amusing scenes of Mr. Gold trying to go through airport security. He must take off his magical scarf in order to go through the security check. This causes him disorientation until Emma wraps the scarf back around his neck.

So she has the upper hand in this situation. She could merely remove the scarf and take away all of Mr. Gold’s power. Even with the Scarf he is still diminished. In Fairytale Land and Storybrooke he is fearless. He rules the land. But in the real world he is out of place. He has no control. He frightfully takes out his frustration by punching a bathroom toilet seat cover box. It’s just a reminder of what a loose cannon he can be. I’m very anxious to see where his search takes him, and how he will fare in the Big Apple.

Overall this was a good episode. I thought Jorge Garcia stood out in his performance as Tiny. I genuinely felt something for his character. It looks as though Tiny is stuck in Storybrooke for now, so I hope we will see more of him. I hope we will also see more of Regina (Lana Parrilla), who only had a small part in this episode, and Cora (Barbara Hershey). There are a lot of different stories happening at once, so the show still suffers a little from flitting from one thing to another, though a few things have started to tie together. I am most excited to see if Mr. Gold finds his son, and what said son will be like.
Sherry Lipp
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