By Chaz Lipp

Coming to DVD on April 2 from Entertainment One is Charlie: A Toy Story. This movie boasts what might just be the strangest trailer I’ve ever seen. Looking at the press materials for this family-oriented “boy and his dog” movie, I don’t think I’d have known what it was about based on the trailer alone. I suggest you check it out below.

The action centers on 10-year-old Caden and his golden retriever, Charlie. It seems that some small-town roughians have been causing trouble for Caden’s father, who owns a toy store. In order to protect his dad’s unique toy invention, Caden and Charlie must stop the nasty break-in plan the gang has in mind.

It’s billed as a cross between Home Alone and My Dog Skip. Youngster Raymond Ochoa plays Caden. Ochoa has done quite a bit of voice work, including Young Anakin Skywalker in Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III. Charlie: A Toy Story also stars Drew Waters, Rheagan Wallace, Tanner Fontana, Matthew Tompkins, and Erin Marie Garrett. Distributor Entertainment One promises lots of laughs and an inspiring message.

The 99-minute family film Charlie: A Toy Story is currently available – click here to purchase.
Chaz Lipp

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