By Chaz Lipp

New from Warner Home Video comes another repackaging of classic and contemporary Tom and Jerry animated shorts, Tom and Jerry – Pint-Sized Pals. As with similar collections, the 30 cartoons contained on the two-DVD set are united by a loose theme. Each of the shorts features one or more of the feuding cat and mouse’s supporting characters.

As with other compilations, such as last year’s Tricks & Treats, this isn’t really aimed at serious T & J collectors. Warner has collections targeted at that market (i.e. the Blu-ray releases Golden Collection: Volume One and the upcoming Volume Two—which, incidentally has sparked controversy amongst that target audience due to two omissions). Pint-Sized Pals is an economically priced grab bag that mixes ‘40s and ‘50s cartoons with selections from the 2006-08 series Tom and Jerry Tales.

Be aware, if you purchase these compilations regularly, not just the aforementioned Tricks & Treats but also recent releases like In the Doghouse and Around the World, you’ll see repeats pop up. Even the least discerning child viewer is likely to wonder why they’re getting the same cartoon they already have. But if you’re a casual fan looking for a variety of T & J, Pint-Sized is a decent option.

Actually, since I prefer the older shorts I grew up with, it’s worth noting that only eight of the 30 collected here are from the recent Tales. Classics range from the 1948 “Kitty Foiled” (featuring Cuckoo the canary) to several from 1958. These include: “Robin Hoodwinked” (final appearance of Nibbles the mouse), “Royal Cat Nap” (one of the famous “Mouseketeer” shorts), “The Vanishing Duck” and “Happy Go Ducky” (both with Quacker), and “Tot Watchers” (the final theatrical Golden Age short directed by Hanna-Barbera).

Here’s a quick note about an upcoming related release. On the horizon for T & J buffs, Warner Home Video will release Tom and Jerry Kids Show – The Complete Season One on DVD for the first time. This set will be available April 30, 2013 and contains all 13 first season episodes on two discs. Season one of Tom and Jerry Kids aired in late 1990.
Chaz Lipp

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  1. my favorite was when the cowboy uncle of Jerry shows up and keeps taking Tom’s whiskers for guitar strings

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