Month: June 2013

by Sherry Lipp Movie 43 is not really a movie, but a bunch of short films strung together randomly to create a feature-length film. There’s a fr...

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Blu-ray Review: Movie 43


By Chaz Lipp Director Roland Emmerich is back with White House Down, his most entertaining piece of brainless summer fun since Independence Day. Make ...

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Movie Review: White House Down


By Chaz Lipp One of the final films worked on by the late Tony Scott, Stoker is a psychological thriller that shows a lot of promise but in the end si...

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Blu-ray Review: Stoker


By Chaz Lipp Full disclosure: I’ve never read the Max Brooks novel upon which the new mega-budget zombie film World War Z was based. Nor did I follo...

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Movie Review: World War Z


by Sherry Lipp Some movies make me wonder how those involved could get it so wrong. Man of Steel is one of those movies. There are so many things wron...

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Movie Review: Man of Steel