Month: September 2013

By Chaz Lipp The trailer for Don Jon, the bawdy new rom-com from writer-director-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, crackled with energy and promised a funny,...

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Movie Review: Don Jon


By Antonio Dileo Abduction of Eden promises to disturb and make you aware of the horrors of trafficking. Very rarely does a movie come out that, along...

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DVD Review: Abduction of Eden


By Chaz Lipp Don’t be fooled by the posters and trailers for Rush, Ron Howard’s Formula One racing biopic, that prominently feature Chris Hemswort...

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Movie Review: Rush (2013)


By Chaz Lipp Upon my third viewing of Iron Man 3, and my first on home video, I realized that the film suffers from what I call “Phantom Menace Synd...

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Blu-ray Review: Iron Man 3


 By Sherry Lipp Prisoners begs the question – “Is there anything you wouldn’t do to save your child?” The film stars Hugh Jackman as a fa...

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Movie Review: Prisoners


By Chaz Lipp While revisiting World War Z, the movie I picked as the best of the summer (and originally reviewed here), on the newly-released Blu-ray ...

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Blu-ray Review: World War Z


By Chaz Lipp See Blue Jasmine for Cate Blanchett’s showy performance as Jeanette “Jasmine” Francis. I’m almost certain her work is just about ...

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Movie Review: Blue Jasmine