By Chaz Lipp

Actress Adria Tennor, well known to fans of AMC’s Mad Men for her portrayal of Joyce Darling, has signed on to the cast of the upcoming D-Train. The comedy is being helmed by first-time directors Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul (who also scripted; they previously wrote Jim Carrey’s Yes Man).

D-Train stars Jack Black as Dan, head of a high school reunion committee. Dan is tasked with locating the most popular guy from his graduating class, played by James Marsden, and convincing him to attend the reunion. Adria Tennor plays Wendy Fleur, the most popular girl from the graduating class. While she’s happy to see Dan’s wife, Stacy (Kathryn Hahn), she’s doesn’t even remember Dan himself.

Adria Tennor will next be seen in the upcoming horror film Smothered (directed by TV star John Schneider, perhaps best known as Bo Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard). Notable previous roles for Tennor include The Artist, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, and recurring roles on TV’s Greek and JAG.

Tennor is also a restaurateur. She is the proprietor of Los Angeles eateries Barbrix and Cooks County Restaurant.

Look for Adria Tennor in D-Train, currently in production in New Orleans.
Chaz Lipp

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