To wrap up our Seattle Star Trek con experience last weekend, here’s a few more of our favorite moments from the show.

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Day 1 – Anthony Montgomery and Jeffrey Combs
Day 2 – Jeri Ryan, John Billingsley, Walter Koenig
Day 3 – Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis & Michael Dorn, John de Lancie, Denise Crosby

Jonathan Frakes on stage to an audience member who commented that First Contact is the best Star Trek movie:

Frakes – “Why is that?”

Audience member – “Because you directed it.”

Frakes – “No. Because we had the best script.”

Frakes gets an unexpected phone call

On whether he really plays the trombone:

Frakes – “I don’t play it well, but I play it loud!”

For more on Frakes and his trombone be sure to read our interview with him.

Frakes signs a convention banner

The Next Generation cast reunion special presentation:

The TNG cast (look closely, L to R: Dorn, Sirtis, Spiner, Frakes, Crosby, de Lancie)

Brent Spiner – “You might not know this, but I’m afraid of heights. I don’t even like to stand up.”

Spiner went on to talk about having to perform his own stunt – from a great height – while filming First Contact.

Michael Dorn at the TNG reunion

Comment to Michael Dorn from an audience member – “It seems as though you were able to create a fourth-dimensional character with Warf…”

Marina Sirtis – “What does that mean?”

Jonathan Frakes – “What is the fourth dimension?”

Michael Dorn – “I know what he meant.”

John de Lancie at the TNG reunion

Day 2 with Jeri Ryan

On wearing the less than comfortable Borg costume –

“It looked like I had boobs from my pelvis to my chin.”

From a very young fan – “How old were you when you were assimilated?”

Ryan – “I was eight. The character, not me.”

Day 2 with John Billingsley

John Billingsley and a brave fan

There were so many funny moments with Billingsley, it’s hard to choose a favorite. In the above picture an audience member challenged Billingsley to see who had the most back hair and Billingsley convinced to bare his back on stage.

Question: “I noticed you are wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Are you wearing the same underwear?”

Billingsley – “No. I changed my underwear.”

Signed show banner
Federation Beer
Signed Commander Riker banner

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