Teen Titans Go S2 P1 DVD coverWarner Bros. Home Entertainment is set to make fans of DC Comics’ Teen Titans very happy with the April 14, 2015 release of Teen Titans Go!: Appetite for Disruption Season 2 Part 1 on DVD. The two-disc set contains 26 episodes (11 minutes each) of the popular animated series. Season two of Teen Titans Go! premiered on the Cartoon Network in June, 2014 and the most recent episode on this collection aired in January, 2015.

Official Synopsis: In Season 2 Part 1, the Teen Titans return with a whole new bevy of baddies, beverages and adventures! Partner up with Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy to defend Jump City against slimy monsters, tyrannical villains and of course, crime fighting induced hunger pains.

Every vote counts when the Teen Titans hold team leader elections, Beast Boy dials up the “man-factor” with his new robotic limbs, while Raven races to save the cotton candy bushes from the Gumdrop Goblin. It’s a titan red alert with 26 gut-punching, gut-busting adventures in this all-new collection.

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The appeal of the release is easily summed up by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s Vice President of Family & Animation Marketing, Mary Ellen Thomas. “We are thrilled with the audience response to the youngest and funniest members of the DC Comics universe and even more excited to continue the fun with Teen Titans Go!: Appetite for Disruption Season 2 Part 1,” said Thomas, “With this release, fans both old and new will be able to continue to enjoy crime-fighting adventures featuring their favorite teenage super heroes.”

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We’ll have more on this DVD title as the April 14 release date nears. Teen Titans Go!: Appetite for Disruption Season 2 Part 1 DVD contains over four hours of content and carries a SRP of $19.97.

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