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Scott Wilson Clare Kramer ECCC 2015

Scott Wilson with Clare Krame (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

We’ve been sharing stories and photos from some of our favorite Emerald City Comicon 2015 panels, including: Anthony Mackie, John Barrowman, Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennet, Anthony Daniels, and Stan Lee. But with the convention nearly two weeks behind us (March 27-29), it’s time to try to wrap up our coverage. Here are some additional photos from the other celebrity panels.

Marina Sirtis 3 ECCC 2015

Marina Sirtis (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Marina Sirtis stepped in (day two) as a late replacement for LeVar Burton, her Star Trek: The Next Generation cast mate who cancelled. Sirtis chose to self-moderate her panel (which was very well attended). Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi) was asked about the recent passing of Leonard Nimoy. She said she doesn’t get too sad “when old people die,” saying of Nimoy, “It was his time… He was 83, I should live so long!” She mentioned wishing she had had more scenes with him in the two-part “Unification” Next Generation episode, in which Nimoy guest-starred as Spock.

Scott Wilson TWD ECCC 2015

Scott Wilson (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Scott Wilson was on hand (day three) to represent The Walking Dead. He of course played Hershel on the uber-popular AMC series. At 73, Wilson has had a long career as a working actor and explained that he only recently began attending these conventions. With moderator Clare Kramer, he offered a relaxed discussion that focused pretty squarely on his time on The Walking Dead. As evidence of his longevity in Hollywood, Wilson talked about acting in Richard Brooks’ 1967 classic In Cold Blood. As for playing Hershel, Wilson said he was informed his character would be killed – he just didn’t know when. Apparently quite a few weeks went by before the fateful season four episode arrived, much to Wilson’s deep appreciation.

Patrick Warburton ECCC 2015

Patrick Warburton (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Patrick Warburton (day two) delivered a very funny panel, only the second such convention he’d done at that point. He spent most of the hour on his feet, leaving little for moderator Grant Imahara to do. Warburton spoke about the coming reboot of The Tick as an Amazon series, stating that the hold up in starting production has been due to script revisions. He urged everyone in attendance to use social media channels to let Amazon know they’re ready to see the show move forward. The funniest moment came when Warburton sat down to open a bottle of water, which he held between his knees while uncapping. As a result, the water shot out everywhere, drenching Warburton’s jeans. “I thought I could hold it,” he joked, “This was the only pair of jeans I brought with me.”

Patrick Warburton ECCC 2015 mic

Patrick Warburton (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Like so many guests over the course of the con, Warburton had a bit of trouble remembering not to cover up the sensor on the bottom of the wireless mic (when covered, the sound would be muted). But Warburton’s problem was particularly notable, given his penchant for gripping the mic with both hands and really manhandling it. This not only led to many audio drop-outs, but also a well-timed comment by a woman in the Q&A line, “I think you and that mic should go on a date,” that cracked up Warburton (not to mention the audience).

More final Emerald City Comicon 2015 wrap-up pieces coming soon!

Marina Sirtis 2 ECCC 2015

Marina Sirtis (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Emerald City Comicon 2015 Recap Photos: Sherry Lipp

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