Alex Kingston w Grant Imahara Emerald City

Alex Kingston with Grant Imahara (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Okay, we said recently that we were done with our Emerald City Comicon 2015 convention coverage. But here were are again, with one more round of ‘celebrity guest panel’ photos from the March 27-29, 2015 event. Not much to add except ECCC2015 was a blast and we can’t wait for next year! Remember, the ever-growing Emerald City Comicon expands to four days in 2016, April 7-10. Visit the official site for all the latest updates.

Amanda Tapping Emerald City panel

Amanda Tapping (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Amanda Tapping, best known as Samantha Carter on Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, was one of relatively few celebrity guests who chose to go unmoderated for their panel appearance.

Anthony Daniels with R2-D2

Anthony Daniels with R2-D2 (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

We can’t rave enough about the wildly entertaining panel by C-3PO himself, co-star of the hotly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Anthony Daniels. He didn’t drop too many hints about the new movie, but he pretty defined the perfect energy level needed to keep a 3,000+ audience captivated. R2-D2 made a scene-stealing appearance and many cell phones were snapping away as seen in the photo above.

Clare Kramer with Charisma Carpenter

Clare Kramer (R) with Charisma Carpenter (L) (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Though she primarily served as co-moderator (with Grant Imahara), Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumna Clare Kramer was part of the “Ladies of Buffy” panel. She was accompanied by Charisma Carpenter and Julie Benz.

Julie Benz ECCC 2015

A pensive moment with Julie Benz (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

The most fun part of the “Ladies of Buffy” panel was the interactive trivia contest. Here’s another shot of Charisma Carpenter from that portion of the panel because, well, why not?

Charisma Carpenter profile ECCC 2015

Both Charisma Carpenter and Julie Benz admitted to not knowing any of the answer to the Buffy trivia!

Clare Kramer ECCC 2015

Clare Kramer moderating an Emerald City panel (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Another unmoderated celeb was the inimitable John Barrowman, Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood and Doctor Who. Barrowman was making his first Emerald City Comicon appearance and hopefully not his last. He put on a truly unpredictable, high-energy one-man-show.

John Barrowman ECCC 2015

John Barrowman (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

How about one more shot of Capt. Jack?

John Barrowman on one leg ECCC 2015

Pilates, anyone? John Barrowman onstage (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Not sure what Barrowman was demonstrating in the above photo, but trust us – you never know what you’re gonna get with a John Barrowman panel. Along with Anthony Daniels, he was the ultimate rock star of Emerald City Comicon 2015.

Gina Torres and Jewel Staite

L to R: Gina Torres, Jewel Staite, Grant Imahara (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Hoards of Firefly fans turned out to see Gina Torres and Jewel Staite together.

Clark Gregg with Clare Kramer panel

Clark Gregg with Clare Kramer (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was represented by Director Phil Coulson himself, Clark Gregg. Speaking Marvel, let’s wrap this up with a few Marvel-related photos – one of the Falcon and a couple of Stan “The Man” Lee himself.

Anthony Mackie Clare Kramer ECCC 2015

Anthony Mackie in a serious moment with Clare Kramer (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

Stan Lee Emerald City 2015

Stan Lee reminisces with Clare Kramer (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

The Stan Lee panel concluded with the taking of an epic selfie. You can’t see it here, but hundreds of Marvel-costumed attendees were behind them when Clare Kramer took this selfie.

Stan Lee Clare Kramer selfie ECCC 2015

Stan Lee posing for a selfie with Clare Kramer (Photo: Sherry Lipp)

That’s a wrap! Our Emerald City Comicon 2015 coverage has now indisputably concluded!

All Emerald City Comicon 2015 Photos seen here: Sherry Lipp

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