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Sheriff Pope tells Ethan that the town has more secrets than either man can comprehend.


While I was a little mixed on the first two episodes of Wayward Pines, episode three brought it all together for me. Not that I know what’s going on, because I don’t, but I feel like this episode was more than just Burke (Matt Dillon) encountering strange things in the town. There is some kind of purpose to Wayward Pines and in turn that gives the show a purpose.
So what was cool, and what wasn’t about “Our Town, Our Law”

The cool:

Wayward Pines Burke garage

The “parking garage:” When Burke jumps in the back of a food truck with Wyoming plates he thinks he has a ride out of town. Instead he finds himself in a strange garage with a bunch of doors, one of which is marked “Wayward Pines.” I could only help but wonder where the other doors lead.

Sheriff Pope gets tough: I know we saw Pope (Terrence Howard) slash Beverly’s (Juliette Lewis) throat in the last episode, but we already knew about the “punishments” the residents face. What was unexpected was Pope punching the teenage Ben Burke (Charlie Tahan) in the face. It was an effective way to raise the tension level.

Wayward Pines S1 Ep3 Melissa Leo

The sympathetic realtor: I like seeing that there are some people in the town who have figured out how to take small steps against whoever is running things instead of just falling in lockstep to the rules.

Dr. Jenkins: I’m not sure what to make of Dr. Jenkins (Toby Jones) and that’s what makes him a good character. Why did he tell Burke the town needs good people like him there? It seems like a strange thing to say. He could have just given the usual line about Burke needing to learn his place, so there must have been a reason for it.

The not so cool:
Sheriff Pope dead? I’ll be upset if this is the last of Terrence Howard on the show. He is my favorite part of it. On a side note, I liked that they kept up with the ice cream motif.

Final thoughts:

Is Wayward Pines some kind of living purgatory where people are being punished for some sin or crime they committed?

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