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Pam gives a toast to honor the new town sheriff, Ethan Burke.


Wayward Pines just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Here’s what was cool and what wasn’t in episode four….

The Cool:

Burke becomes Sheriff: Burke (Matt Dillon) goes to the sheriff’s office to investigate Pope and the next thing he knows Arlene (Siobhan Falllon) is bringing in a cake and Mayor Fisher (Barclay Hope) is shaking his hand and posing of a picture for the paper. It’s quirky touches like this that make the show good. The newspaper headline, “Sheriff Pope Retires,” was another great, and subtle, touch. The question is why are they putting someone like Burke in charge when they know he is against them? Whoever “they” is.

Wayward Pines S1 Ep4 Burke Arlene

Wayward Pines Academy: I’ve been looking forward to seeing the Wayward Pines Academy ever since the promos for the show aired on TV. This is a weird place for sure. I have a feeling Ben (Charlie Tahan) is going to start thinking differently about the place soon, especially since he has the interest of a pretty coed named Amy (Sarah Jeffrey). My question is what are these kids doing in Wayward Pines? Aside from the Burkes, most of the people seem to have been separated from their families.

Theresa has reservations with sending Ben to school in Wayward.

The “thing” at the end: I don’t know what the demon-looking creature at the end has to do with anything, but it was an unexpected curveball.

The suicide: There’s only one way out of Wayward Pines and it’s not too pleasant. Realtor and town insurgent, Peter (Justin Kirk), sacrifices himself so Burke can stay on the good side of Nurse Pam (Melissa Leo). Like all deaths in Wayward Pines, it’s gruesome, but necessary. And it leads us to….

Theresa gets a job: “One of our senior realtors has chosen to retire,” is the name of this episode and what is written on the letter sent to Theresa (Shannyn Sossamon). So Ben is in school and Theresa has a job. Seems like the Burke family is settling into Wayward Pines.

Here's to you, sherriff!



Nurse Pam: Peter’s revelation about Nurse Pam being a young seductress and then…well, the way we see her now in the blink of an eye is just disturbing. Kind of like everything in Wayward Pines.

The Not So Cool:

Burke’s stint as Sheriff is short-lived: By the end of the episode Nurse Pam has assumed the position of Sheriff and Burke is attempting the climb the rock face that blocks off one side of the town. I was hoping to see more of Burke in authority. I do wonder if there was some reason “the powers that be” didn’t want Nurse Pam in charge in the first place?

Final Thoughts: There’s a lot going on in Wayward Pines. With so many ideas introduced I hope things don’t start to become muddled.

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