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Ben is about to learn the truth about Wayward Pines.


“The truth” about Wayward Pines is finally revealed as the show reaches the midway point of the first season. So much happened this week it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s hard not to have a certain amount of skepticism at anything that’s said by the townies on this show, but then again Burke (Matt Dillon) saw what he saw. And what he saw was a bunch of very strange humanoid creatures and Boise, Idaho 2000 years in the future.

As it turns out, the future is not too bright at all. Humans become grotesque creatures and civilization completely falls apart. Something has really gone wrong in the evolutionary process here. The people of Wayward Pines are transplants from the past, which is why time itself seems so out of whack.

Leaving more questions than it answers, “The Truth” has turned this show on its head.

So what was cool and what wasn’t this week?

The cool:

Wayward Pines Academy secret society: So we knew Wayward Pines Academy wasn’t a normal school, but we didn’t know that it is really an indoctrination program for the “First Generation.” These are the chosen few selected to carry on the human race and reform society. Let’s hope society won’t always include reckonings.

Mrs. Fisher tells the story of the First Generation of Wayward Pines.

Dr. Jenkins!: Or should I say David Pilcher (Toby Jones)? I’m not entirely clear as to why Jenkins/Pilcher needed an alternate identity since no one knows who he is anyway, but it turns out there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye – and we’d already met quite a bit. Pilcher is the mastermind behind Wayward Pines, and apparently invented a way to hibernate people for a couple thousand years.


Dr. Jenkins reveals his real identity; David Pilcher. David is the mastermind behind Wayward Pines.

Theresa falls in line: While her husband is trying to make a break for it, Theresa (Shannyn Sossamon) realizes that she has to be like everyone else. She does what’s she’s told and suddenly she’s acting just as weird as everyone else in Wayward Pines. Of course she still wants to figure things out. She did a good job of getting info out of the new Wayward Pines resident.

Theresa learns what a new resident has seen since his arrival in Wayward Pines.

Burke discovers what’s really outside Wayward Pines: As I stated above, Burke sees the crumbled remnants of long ago Boise, Idaho. So, he knows there’s no just walking out of Wayward Pines and going home. Right? We know Sheriff Pope (Terrence Howard) somehow went back and forth and so does Jenkins/Pilcher. How?

Ethan hears the cries of the mysterious creatures again.

The not so cool:

I got nothing this week.

Final thoughts:

I have many lingering questions, but the main two are:

How does it seem that some people can be in the past and the future – assuming everything we just learned is true?

Why were the people in Wayward Pines chosen?

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2 thoughts on “TV Review: Wayward Pines Season One Episode 5

  1. I don’t think they’re travel between the past and future. When Burke was first taken his wife stated looking for him. If she found out about David Pilcher’s ‘experiment’ it would have been a problem. So then Pilcher took them and froze them too. As for Pope, he was working for Pilcher for a while before Burke was taken. And just did what he was asked.

    • That makes sense. So everything see in the past already happened over a period of time and then the second wave was woken up a different times? I’m not sure Pope’s reactions to everything makes perfect sense in that context, but it’s the most plausible given what we’ve been told, though I don’t it’s all true. Don’t tell me if you’ve read the books and know where they’re headed. I want to be surprised. Thanks for reading!

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