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Wayward Pines S1 Ep6 Burke Picher town replica


If last week’s episode of Wayward Pines was about revelation, this week is about exposition. And, I still don’t quite know what’ going on. Or at least I don’t know that I believe everything unfolded the way Pilcher (Toby Jones) explained it.

I mean that all in a good way. I’m a little confused, but I’m hoping that’s because there’s a lot more to be revealed. There’s still a little part of me that’s worried everything’s going to turn into an incoherent mess, but for now I’m going with it.

Wayward Pines Kate would like to speak with Theresa, they can't hide from one another in such a small town.

The tables are turning and I find that pretty interesting. Burke (Matt Dillon) wanted nothing more than to get out and now he’s going to do everything in his power to keep that gate closed. I like that the show has lost the single-mindedness it had in the first couple episodes where it just seemed like it was going to be all about Burke finding a way out.

So, what was cool and what wasn’t this week:

The cool:

Terrence Howard is back: So Pope is not back in town, but he was back for the flashback sequences and I hope there will be more. We found out Pope was a part of “Phase A,” but we don’t know why he was one of the only ones to make it to “Phase B.”

Wayward Pines In a flashback, Dr. Pilcher recruits Arnold.

It’s a puzzle, but the pieces are starting to fit together: At first I assumed Burke’s family were let in to Wayward Pines because they were snooping around, but now I’m thinking it was all a part of the plan. How else was Pilcher going to get Burke to go along with everything?

The insurgency is bigger than meets the eye: Apparently some people are better at keeping their true feelings under wraps than others. While Beverly (Juliette Lewis) and Tim (Chad Krowchuk) were easily found out and killed, the true leaders have been successfully keeping themselves out of site. It may have seemed Kate (Cara Gugino) and her husband Harold (Reed Diamond) were content to tow the party line, but they’ve been secretly planning to escape all along. This is sure to put Burke at odds with his former lover and maybe even his own wife (Shannyn Sossaman). So will Theresa and Kate join forces?

Wayward Pines Bill becomes rather upset when Theresa mentions plot 33.

The not so cool:

Suspension of disbelief: Hibernation for 2000 years? Not only are people able to survive this process, but the facility stood undisturbed for all that time? I have a feeling there’s more going on here.

Wayward Pines S1 Ep6 Melissa Leo hibernation

Final thoughts:

Why does Pilcher have to go by Dr. Jenkins in town? No one knew who he was in the first place. Or do they?

I like seeing the back story and how things came to be, or at least how Pilcher says they came to be. I hope we get to learn more about the other people in town. I want to know how they were chosen and what things were like when they first got there.

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