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2 Broke Girls Season 4 DVD r

Everyone speaks in one-liners on 2 Broke Girls, mostly very crass one-liners at that. The comedic value of said one-liners is very hit-or-miss, but the sheer volume of jokes in any given episode ensures that only the most easily-offended viewers will completely resist laughing. 2 Broke Girls: The Complete Fourth Season is now available on DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The series rides on the strength of co-leading ladies Kat Dennings (the Thor movies) and Beth Behrs (who has done nothing else noteworthy). Dennings is funnier and subtler in nearly everything else she’s been in (check her out in To Write Love on Her Arms for a taste of her straight dramatic chops). Behrs brings to mind a decade-younger Jamie Pressley. If you’re not familiar with the show, fear not – you can jump right into the fourth season without getting lost.

2 Broke Girls And the Fun Factory nMax (Dennings) and Caroline (Behrs) support themselves as waitresses while running a fledgling cupcake business. It all unfolds in a very old school sitcom format, with applause when each regular character first appears onscreen and over-the-top guffawing on the laugh track. Most of the gags are of a sexual nature and many of them are groaners, at best (“I’m familiar with a touch screen,” says one character, “I put the ‘goo’ in Google.”) As Max and Caroline struggle to keep their cupcake business funded, they’re surrounded by a typically colorful, albeit one-note, gallery of supporting characters. Chief among these are Jennifer Coolidge (the original MILF as first seen in American Pie as a sexpot cleaning woman, Garrett Morris (the often-overlooked seven member of the original SNL cast) as a pothead, comedian Jonathan Kite as a Ukrainian cook, and Matthew Moy as the diminutive owner of the diner which employs Max and Caroline.

2 Broke Girls and a loan for christmas r2 Broke Girls is best taken in small doses. When binged on, the show’s weaknesses become increasingly apparent. Every character seems to be under the belief that he or she is a stand-up comedian. Caroline wants to go out dancing at one point and states, “The last time I shook my booty was when we ran out of toilet paper.” But watch an episode or two in order to kill a bit of time and the show is mildly entertaining. Incidentally, Fred Savage (Kevin on The Wonder Years) directed most of the last third of the 22-episode season.

Bonus features are on 2 Broke Girls: The Complete Fourth Season include a gag reel and a slew of deleted scenes. The three-disc set includes a leaflet with an episode guide. The standard-width DVD case is housed in a slipcase. The set carries a retail price of $24.98. CBS renewed 2 Broke Girls for a fifth season.

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