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Mike and Molly Fifth Season DVD

Mike & Molly is a CBS sitcom starring Melissa McCarthy that has been on the air since 2010. That’s a pretty basic statement of fact, but the fact that McCarthy stars in the show is the most important bit of information I can convey. Well, also that The Complete Fifth Season of this Chuck Lorre creation is now available on DVD as a three-disc set via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. But again, the popularity of Melissa McCarthy is key to the on-going success of Mike & Molly (which has been renewed for a sixth season). If the Oscar-nominated actress isn’t your kettle of fish, this decidedly old-school sitcom might not be either.


I happen to love Melissa McCarthy in movie roles like Heat and this summer’s Spy. She showed real potential for crossing over into more dramatic roles rather than comedic with St. Vincent, the otherwise cliche-ridden Bill Murray-starring flick from 2014. Not only had I not seen Mike & Molly before delving in to the newly-released fifth season, I wasn’t even aware McCarthy had her own series – at least, not one that was running concurrent with her string of theatrical releases. The immediately interesting aspect of her performance as school teacher (or former teacher that is, having quit the previous season to focus on her writing), Molly Flynn, for those who haven’t seen McCarthy in this context, is how restrained she is in comparison to much of her big screen work.


All 22 season five episodes are contained on three DVDs. This season finds Molly, heretofore an aspiring author, excited about having finally landed a book deal. She’s writing erotic fiction, something that results in supportive but nonetheless mixed reactions from significant other Mike Biggs (Billy Gardell). He’s a Chicago PD officer struggling to lose weight, something that has been a series-long issue. Molly large advance leaves Mike feeling emasculated when she buys him a car. Despite the routine feel of Mike & Molly‘s rather stodgy, mid-’90s-era format, it’s nice to see a narrative thread add some continuity to the season instead of just a lineup of purely standalone episodes.

Mike & Molly: The Complete Fifth Season looks and sounds fine in standard definition (naturally, given the format), with an image framed at 1.78:1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes for each episode. There’s a gag reel included as a bonus feature.

Mike and Molly The Complete Fifth Season Images: Warner Brothers Entertainment

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