Twilight Time delivers thrills with their October batch of new limited edition Blu-ray releases. It’s an eclectic bunch with horror from John Carpenter, a bizarre medical thriller, noir, alien invasion, vampires, and revenge. Denzel Washington, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, and James Woods are just a few of the notable names that highlight these films. All films are available from Twilight Time Movies.

Vampires John Carpenter Blu-rayJohn Carpenter’s Vampires

This 1998 horror flick from John Carpenter stars James Woods and Daniel Baldwin as Vatican sanctioned vampire hunters.








Strange Invaders Twilight Time Blu-ray

Strange Invaders

If aliens took over small town America would anyone notice? Paul Le Mat discovers something’s amiss when he travels to a small mid-western town to search for his missing wife in this 1983 nod to ’50s sci-fi films.







Black Widow Twilight Time Blu-ray

Black Widow

Theresa Russell and Debra Winger face off in this 1987 thriller about a murderous seductress and the detective determined to catch her.








Scream and Scream Again Blu-ray Twilight Time

Scream and Scream Again

It’s hard to describe this bizarre film that combines espionage and medical horror, but it’s hard to beat the cast. This 1970 film features horror legends Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Vincent Price.







Devil in a Blue Dress Twilight Time Blu-ray

Devil in a Blue Dress

Do you remember this 1995 Denzel Washington noir thriller? Washington plays a detective searching for a missing woman (Jennifer Beals), but he soon stumbles into more than he bargained for. Look for Don Cheadle and Tom Sizemore in supporting roles.






Count Yorga Vampire Twilight Time Blu-rayCount Yorga, Vampire

A vampire lures his prey by posing as a medium in this 1970 horror film starring Robert Quarry. Set in Los Angeles, this film pits a suave creature of the night against the vampire hunter out to put an end to his bloodthirsty ways.








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