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Running from now until February 28, ‘Oscars With MoviePass’ allows site visitors to fill out an Oscar survey for a chance to win a free membership. If you haven’t heard of MoviePass, it’s a subscription service that allows members to see up to one movie in theaters every single day for one flat monthly rate. The Grand Prize winner of the ‘Oscars With MoviePass’ contest will be awarded a free year-long membership. The runner-up will win a free six-month membership. You can enter the contest here.

MoviePass app imageLet’s talk a little more about MoviePass. I’m a new member myself and plan to give my MoviePass card a workout. It’s a very simple process to join. First you sign up at the official MoviePass website. Then you’ll receive a MasterCard-branded MoviePass card in the mail a few days later (looks just like a credit card, with a unique account number). Next, you download the MoviePass app for your iPhone or Android (and yes, you do need one of those two types of phones for this to work). Set your location in the app and begin browsing movie theaters and show times. After making your selection, you order your ticket through the app and use your MoviePass card to pick it up at the theater.

If you’re an avid moviegoer, MoviePass is pretty much an answered prayer. Let’s face it, with the cost of a movie ticket these days, the $30 monthly membership fee (in most areas; check the official site to confirm rate in your area) pays for itself pretty quickly. With MoviePass (usable at over 30,000 theaters nationwide), there are no blackout dates. You can see any 2D movie anytime, including opening day. An evening showtime at my local theater is $11.50 and I like to see at least one movie a week. So it doesn’t take a lot of math skills to figure out what a deal it is if you’re hitting the cinema regularly. Keep in mind: “every day” means once every 24-hour period (in other words, you can’t go to a 9 PM show Friday night and then a 10 AM show the next morning – a countdown shows up on the app telling you how many hours you have to wait).

So stop by the MoviePass site and enter their ‘Oscars With MoviePass‘ contest. We’ll update with additional info as we continue to utilize the MoviePass service.

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