by Sherry Lipp

There’s an old saying that goes, “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” and another one that goes, “Crime doesn’t pay.” Those are lessons hard learned, especially the teens who decide to rob the fortune of a blind war veteran in the thriller Don’t Breathe. The film is tense and taught and brings a few unexpected twists along the way.

dont-beathe-alex-and-rockyKind of like Green Room, which came out earlier this year, Don’t Breathe provides a seemingly inescapable situation. The films are similar in the way they trap the protagonists in a building where they are pursued by a relentless killer. Unlike that movie the protagonists here are not all that likeable, which is a twist of its own.

Three teens, Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Minnette), and Money (Daniel Zovatto) plan to rip off the small fortune an Afghanistan war veteran (Stephen Lang) who has a sizeable settlement he received after his daughter was killed by a drunk driver. For one reason or another, the guy keeps his money in a safe in his house instead of the bank and the teens know this because Alex’s dad owns the security company that set of the guy’s home security system.

It’s perfect. They can get in and out in a flash because they know all the alarm codes. So when things don’t go exactly as planned it’s impossible to feel sorry for them. They have no business robbing this man, or any of the other people we know they’ve ripped off. They deserve to be caught. Right? Sure, but when the Blind Man (as he is listed in the credits) turns the tables, and keeps turning them, feelings can change. Then again maybe they don’t.

dont-breathe-blind-manDon’t Breathe does a great job of keeping the viewer guessing throughout the film. It takes some very unexpected turns and gets a little twisted without relying on any gore nearly at all. They also come up with some clever ways of getting rid of cell phones and explaining why there are no concerned neighbors around, making the kids truly trapped in their situation. I truly didn’t know how this one was going to end. Those feelings of who’s more right or wrong linger even after the credits started to roll. I highly recommend Don’t Breathe if you’re looking for a good thrill.

Don’t Breathe Images: Sony Pictures

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